With Lattice Boom


1.Modular design for optimized performance and efficient maintenance by innovative layout of hydraulic and electric system.
2.High-grade steel boom and machine structures thoroughly engineered and analyzed.
3.High performance winches with 22mm wire rope and optional free fall functions for special applications.
4.Lift-cab; high ergonomics comfort cab, 20% more vision by flat easy maintenance windows, 20% larger door entrance
5.Self-assembly devices for safe and efficient assembly of track frames, counterweights and boom foot.
6.Jack-up cylinders in drop and jack-up style for safe lifting the base machine.
7.Powerful traction and good stability when traveling, even with 100% load
8.logic organized control consoles, with enhanced monitor display, lightning strike protected, GPS locator.
9.Enhanced moment limiter system with multi-function display including machine diagnostics.
10.A solid state-of-art electronic compartment hosts all electric functions in a fix setup for fast checking and maintenance
11.Excellent transport possibilities of the main structure with a width of just 3 meters
12.Multi-configuration and options to serve various markets and applications to meet different requirements.

Technical data

Item Unit Data
Max.rated lifting capacity t 100@3.6m
Boom length m 13~61
Fixed jib length m 9~18
Max. Length of Boom+ Jib m 52+18
Hook type t 100/50/25/9
Working speed Wire rope speed Main winch hoist and lower(rope dia.Φ22mm) m/min 0~130
Aux.winch hoist and lower(rope dia.Φ22mm) m/min 0~130
Boom hoist and lower(rope dia.Φ18mm) m/min 0~60
Swing speed r/min 0~2.5
Traveling speed Km/h 0~1.5
Reevings 13
Single line pull t 8
Gradeability 30
Engine Kw/r/min 200/2200 (Cummins China)
Swing radius mm 4737
Transportation dimension mm 11720×3500×3500
Crane mass(with basic boom, 100t hook) t 93
Ground bearing pressure(including basic boom) Mpa 0.083
Counterweight t 29.5

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