With Lattice Boom


1. The whole crane adopts imported moulding high strength stay bar, and imported hydraulic components, electrical components, high strength steel tube, wire rope and pulley bearing, the excellent design  and deployment makes it more safety;
2. Main system adopts close circuit, saves energy, high efficiency, good control, and the pump realizes directly control to motor; the full close hydraulic circuit drive of hoisting, derricking, swing and travelling, different circuits operate independently;
3. Driving Cylinder through pin controlled by remoter, greatlly boosts installation efficiency of crane and reduces labor strength
4. Single disassembly of winch on the platform, mast & counterweight and single outer-hang structure makes convenient to maintenance, transport and installation;

Technical data

Non-Superlift Main Boom Max. Lifting Capacity (t) 800(7m working radius)
Length(m) 36~96
H/L Boom Max. Lifing Capacity (t) 506.6(10m working radius)
Length  (m) 48~114
Luffing Jib Max. Lifting Capacity(t) 306(18m working radius)
Boom Length(m) 42~60
Luffing Jib(m) 30~96
Superlift Superlift Mast Length(m) 42
Swing Radius (m) 16.5、22.5
Superlift Counterweight Weight(t) 0~450
Swing Radius (m) 15~24
H Boom Max. Lifting Capacity (t) 1250(8m working radius)
Length (m) 42~120
H/L Boom Max. Lifting Capacity (t) 436.5(22m working radius)
Length (m) 102~150
Luffing Jib Weight(t) 500(18m working radius)
Boom Length(m) 48~96
Luffing Jib Length(m) 30~108
Hook Blocks(Optional) 25/70/250/1250(625)
Working Speed Main/Aux. Hoist Speed (m/min) 0~130
Boom Derricking Speed(m/min) (0~60)×2
Luffing Jib Derricking Speed(m/min) 0~120
Superlift Derricking Speed(m/min) 0~120
Swing Speed (r/ min) 0 ~ 1.0
Traveling Speed(km/h) 0 ~1.0
Main Boom Angle (°) 30—85 Ground Bearing Pressure (kg/cm2)(MPa) 0.142
Luffing jib angle (°) 13—72 Main Boom Angle with luffing jib (°) 65-85
Max. Lifting Torque(t·m) 14420 (With Superlift)
Engine Model QSK23, Cummins
Power (KW) 641
Revolution(rpm) 2100
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