With Lattice Boom


1. Full working attachments, special equipment for installation of 2.5-3.0MW Wind Tower;
2. All the boom combinations can be self-erected, no assist crane is required;
3. Wind electricity special working condition equipped annex swing table, boosts lifting performance without adding grounding pressure;
4. Wind electricity special working conditions boom head device, no bracket and stay bar, makes it more easy to disassembly;

Technical data

Non-Superlift Main Boom Max. Lifting Capacity (t) 650(6m working radius)
Length(m) 24~84
H/L Boom Max. Lifing Capacity (t) 400(7m working radius)
Length  (m) 36~102
Luffing Jib Max. Lifting Capacity(t) 245.7(16m working radius)
Boom Length(m) 36~60
Luffing Jib(m) 30~102
Superlift Superlift Mast Length(m) 36
Swing Radius (m) 13、15
Superlift Counterweight Weight(t) 0~400
Swing Radius (m) 13~18,15~20
H Boom Max. Lifting Capacity (t) 750(8m working radius)
Length (m) 30~136
H/L Boom Max. Lifting Capacity (t) 400(20m working radius)
Length (m) 36~150
Luffing Jib Weight(t) 360(14m working radius)
Boom Length(m) 42~96
Luffing Jib Length(m) 30~102
Hook Blocks(Optional) 15/50/150/250/750(400)
Working Speed Main/Aux. Hoist Speed (m/min) 0~130
Boom Derricking Speed(m/min) (0~60)×2
Luffing Jib Derricking Speed(m/min) 0~130
Superlift Derricking Speed(m/min) 0~130
Swing Speed (r/ min) 0 ~ 0.75
Traveling Speed(km/h) 0 ~1.0
Crane Weight(Basic Boom) 615Ton
Main Boom Angle (°) 30—85 Ground Bearing Pressure (kg/cm2)(MPa) 1.72
Luffing jib angle (°) 20—75 Main Boom Angle with luffing jib (°) 67、77、87
Max. Lifting Torque(t·m) 9100 (With Superlift)
Engine Model QSX15, Cummins
Power (KW) 418
Revolution(rpm) 1800
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